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Update on Use of Contributions: June, 2010

I wanted to share with you how Link Hands has used the funds that were donated in the past 2009-2010.

We continued to support our medical and educational projects in Southeast Asia. These included:


  • The Little Flower School that serves impoverished children outside of Calcutta
  • The Gocharan Children's Home
  • The clinic for the street people in down town Calcutta
  • Funds for the car to assist Onima Mondal in monitoring projects throughout West Bengal


  • Paying for corrective surgery for a Padong child
  • The funding for the Nai Soi Learning Center in Mae Hong Son
  • The maintaining the malarial clinic in Huey Pu Keang village

We also made a decision to invest this year in young, hardworking people who were in need. One was a single mother, who had exhausted her savings following the birth of her son. Money was given to allow her to move her small business into a better and more sustainable location.

Another was a 35-year-old Israeli man—a husband and father of four beautiful children, who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. He was given money for rent of an apartment near the best hospital in Israel, outside of Jerusalem, where he had a successful operation and where he continues to undergo treatments. Though it was a difficult diagnosis, his recovery has been excellent and his love and concern for all of the people around him has been inspiring. The money has also helped support his family, as his 22-hour workdays running his small, community bakery were no longer feasible, and training for a new career as a Torah scribe.

And a third recipient were a pair of hard-working students in their 20s who dream of becoming doctors. Link Hands helped one reduce loans accumulated during college; and is financing the purchase of an airline ticket, because one of the couple was just accepted to a joint medical program between Columbia University and Beersheeba University in Israel, and the other is now applying to programs on the East Coast.

It has been an honor to invest in people who have given their lives over to teaching, serving and leading their communities. Thank you for your hard work, generosity, and leadership in your lives. In these uncertain economic times, it is such a blessing to have extra that we can give to build strength in those we care about.

Nura Loeks, Director