Stitching our Stories


Eight years ago, Link Hands had an inspiration. Why not fuse together our interests in leadership, job training, family health, and indigenous culture into a single initiative? And the seeds of Restitching Our Lives were born.

For millennia in India, in the tradition of Kantha, women have sewn the stories of their lives into garments made from recycled saris. The products produced are exquisite: part folk art, part story.

And so, Link Hands commissioned a circle of women who we had trained in Kantha to tell the stories of their lives. These were stories of degradation and redemption. Each of the women was a victim of domestic abuse. Some were beaten and thrown out of their homes by husbands who had found other women. Some were cast out by in-laws after their husbands had died, and yet as a result of humanitarian assistance, each was given the tools to better themselves and make new lives.

A year ago, the artistic work of these women was exhibited in Santa Fe, NM at Turner Carroll Gallery. Now, in July 2017, their work is going to be on display and for sale at the the largest international folk art market in the world: the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

Come see quilts that combine modern aesthetics with traditional Hindu and Kantha motifs. Come celebrate the power of the human spirit to transform pain into beauty and community.